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Telguard Gold Warranty Agreement.


• The TelGuard Unit complete

• The Unit Enclosure Back-Box and Front Panel

• The Line Interface Terminal  (TelGuard side)

• The Supply Terminal Point (TelGuard side)

• The Control Interface Point (TelGuard side)

NB:  Repairs undertaken on supplementary items, such as latch releases, electric locks, etc., are not covered by this agreement and, as such, may be chargeable as Extra Over.

This warranty is a Return to Manufacturers warranty, which covers both parts & labour costs resulting from or incurred in this Agreement except whereby Equipment suffers damage or failure from any means other than normal wear and tear. As this is a Return to Manufacturers warranty, site attendance is carried out by an Approved Agent of CommTel Limited. Priority is given to all Agreement customers over response time.

This agreement will ONLY remain Valid subject to the compliance of the following Terms & conditions:

- Only Approved Agents of CommTel Ltd are to carry out Works, Modifications, Connections and Servicing of the Product or any Equipment or controls   Interface point.

- Use of any phone lead or power supply other than supplied by CommTel Ltd may invalidate this agreement.

- Any tampering or dismantling or attempted repair or adjustment of the Product in any way by a party that is not authorised to do so directly by  CommTel   Ltd in writing may render this Agreement void without refund.  Such actions may result in system shutdown via the Central Station Computer until an   agreement is reached.

- All Terms & Conditions of Sale by CommTel Ltd are binding at all times and the Product must be used in the manner for which it was designed.

- The correct installation instructions are adhered to with regard to all Interface Equipment and Controls of any kind.

- Repairs resulting from any cause other than normal wear and tear are not covered by this agreement.

- All civil works, ground works and builders works including making good and decoration shall be and remain the responsibility of the customer (chargeable   as extra over if undertaken by CommTel Ltd or an agent of CommTel Ltd).

- All outstanding accounts are to be credited to CommTel Ltd within 21 days of invoicing.

- Each agreement renewal is to be subject to the terms and conditions ruling at the time of renewal.

- All requests for BT or such like assistance in any way is to remain the responsibility of the customer, so to is the performance of any occupants or call   point telephone.

- All line-associated charges are to be borne by the customer and are not transferable to CommTel Ltd in any way unless agreed in writing by both parties.

- CommTel Ltd is not to be held responsible for any third party charge resulting in the use or abuse of the product.

- This agreement does not cover any works associated with direct product abuse or vandalism nor any such consequential action caused to the product or   any consequential damage or malfunction of any attachment, directly or indirectly with the product.

- If site security is at risk due to equipment failure following system damage or abuse immediate repairs, including parts, will be carried out to a value not   exceeding £1000 + VAT (customer to advise).

- Service exchange parts are held in stock and may be used for back up as need be - Complete unit exchange value £1000).

- Any other repair works necessary, the value of which is likely to exceed the above limit, will be estimated upon site inspection.  Such repairs carried out   by CommTel Ltd or an agent thereof, will not affect this agreement cover.

- All reported system faults received by CommTel Ltd will be responded upon within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

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