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Our custom tariff has been designed specifically for use in GSM intercoms. The monthly rolling fee ensures your entry system is kept constant and active, even if the panel hasn't been used for weeks at a time.

You don't need to worry about the SIM card deactivating or running out of credit. If for any reason you choose to cancel, simply send us an email with 30 days notice and this will be terminated with no cancellation fee. Easy!

Standard landline terms & conditions

Standard mobile terms & conditions

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Our sister company is able to provide low cost telephone lines and SIM cards for your Telguard entry systems. Due to bulk purchasing we offer preferable rates on BT, Vodafone and O2 services. We are able to provide a package to suit your usage and reduce your spend, on not only line rental but also call charges. This is offered on new purchases and existing installations, no matter how long the system has been installed. Why not let us be the chosen carrier for your home telephone line service or your business? All you have to do for new connections is sign the direct debit forms!

Your monthly bill will be sent directly to you from Telguard Telecom and you will have the comfort of knowing that this service has the backing of a professional customer service team.. You will also be speaking to human beings rather than automated ‘robot’ machines that take forever to get your call answered and your enquiry dealt with. You have chosen the best intercom system so why not have the communication vehicle to go with it! Have a look at our web site or call us on 01306 710120 and we will let you know which package will suit you.

By choosing Telguard Telecom as your SIM card or Landline provider, you eliminate the hassle of having to scour the market for a reliable service that can meet your needs and offer a competitive price. Our SIM cards are pre-activated on dispatch. So you know that your chosen installation company can arrive on site and install the Telguard system without network authorisation issues, saving you additional labour charges. Our own in house support team is here to advise you with any questions or problems you may have.

Telguard Telecoms

•30 day rolling  contract with O2

•£3 monthly fee

•6p per call to landlines and mobiles*

•7p per text**


*Up to 60 seconds.

**Text messages used for text alerts & programming confirmation responses.

Every GSM Telguard intercom purchased will come with the above SIM card pre-installed for your convenience; unless otherwise requested.

To take advantage of this deal then simply complete the direct debit form and call 01306 710120 selecting option 2 to activate.

To change your existing intercom SIM card deal, please email across the completed direct debit form to: and the new SIM card will be posted to you.