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• Powerful 16 bit microchip © Digital Signal Processor
• Up to 1000 call points
• Internal time clock, battery backed.
• 16k on board data flash memory
• Simple line interface for hostile environments
• Text to speech for easy set-up

• Plug in module for various I/O options

• Busy tone detect for rapid transition to secondary dials

• Up to 8 follow on numbers per call point

• Volume and gain controls for Mic and speaker

• Configuration by PC, modem link or text.

HY-CAN (controller-area network) is a bus standard to allow micro controllers and devices to communicate with each other. It was Originally designed specifically for the automotive industry but now used in many other fields. The first CAN controller chips were produced by Philips and Intel materialized on the market in 1987.

CAN will also operate in extreme environments, the ISO11898 standard recommends that bus interface chips be designed so that communication can still continue if either of the two wires in the bus are broken, either wire is shorted to power or either of the wires is shorted to ground.

• LED indicator for best network provider
• Signal strength indicator
• LED status indicator
• Network scanning feature
• Standard SMA aerial connector
• Pay as you go or contract SIM

• Individual modem & speech path
• LED status indicator
• RJ12-6/4 connector to line
• Unique module identification
• Rugged front end utilizing transformers

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Door Entry Telguard HYCAN

What is a HY-CAN?

under the hood..

“With a complete overhaul in hardware and software the new HY-CAN system gives you

ultimate control from programming to maintenance”

Try the benefits from our GSM range, there are fewer telephone related costs associated with our GSM range, although call charges can be more expensive than land line calls. There is no line installation cost or any line rental charges. The Telguard GSM range requires either a Pay-As-You-Go or contract SIM card. It is recommended that a SIM from one of the main network service providers  (Vodafone, O2, TMobile, Orange). Vodafone and O2 are our preferred network service providers purely for the fact of seemingly better network coverage and quality of customer services experienced by us.

GSM vs Landline.

The new HY-CAN system has two relay slots available, a dual Opto relay is fitted to slot 1 as standard. Optional relays (see below) can be fitted to slot 2. Any combination of relays can be used to fit your needs. Strike time adjustments located on relay modules or by configuration  menu. Relay activation by DTMF tone sequences, activation time from 1 - 60 seconds, adjustable locally or overridden remotely.

•Operating commands:Default #, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#, 9# .…All relay commands are configurable.


An activity log can also be downloaded either by USB connection or modem. The internal modem will hold 1000 entries, once the the maximum is reached the earliest logs will be overwritten. The log will show information such as what code has been entered, at what time, invalid code attempts and destinations called, along with the time and date.

Activity Logs.

Programming Software.

With the latest range of HY-CAN products we are now able to offer the flexibility of programming your unit either from your PC (locally or remotely) or DTMF login utilizing the voice assist menu. Located on the HY-CAN board is a dedicated connector for interfacing with your PC, the connection is established using an AVIT USB2TTL serial lead.

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