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Telguard was formed in 1992 with the goal of manufacturing and distributing telephone based entry systems in the UK. Our idea was to remove the need for copious amounts of cable being installed when door intercoms were required.

Well, it seemed crazy to install more cables when the most modern way of communicating already exists in the majority of buildings…your own telephone!

Simply insert a SIM card into the Telguard or plug it into it's own dedicated ‘BT’ type telephone socket. Think of Telguard as a computerised telephone. Your home or mobile phone number is then added to the auto dial memory, just like adding a number to your own mobile.

When a visitor presses the number of your property on the intercom a call is made to your phone. When you answer the call you can speak to your visitor and let them in by pressing ‘#’ on your phone. Simple!

If  you are out the Telguard can divert the call to a mobile or your work phone so that you are still able to communicate with your visitor and let them in if you wish; it could be an important delivery. If you are on the phone there is no need to miss your visitor.

Alternatively the call can be diverted to your mobile phone which will also show the identity of the caller (ie ‘Front Door’). Associated costs are minimal compared with a hard wired entry system (see below)

Door Entry Telguard End User

Landline versions require an analogue telephone line. Our sister company Telguard Telecom, is the perfect low cost solution. A line can be installed from £71.28 and line rental is £13.00 per month on a rolling month contract.

Call charges are 3p to another landline or 7p to a mobile phone. All calls are charged at 1 minute.  The system has a 1 minute time-out so that calls will not go over this duration.

If there is not a telephone service in the immediate area, a survey is required and the cost of installing a line may increase. This is due to civil works and other associated costs. In this case it is more cost effective to use one of our GSM systems.

Telguard Telecom is able to provide O2 and Vodafone SIM cards offering great value on a one month rolling contract. Call charges are 7p to landlines and 12p to mobiles and charged at 1 minute. There is a £4 (+VAT) monthly charge on a rolling month contract. For sites with a high volume of visitors, we can also provide a 24 month contract with unlimited calls for £27.42 (+VAT) per month.

There are no hidden costs associated with our SIM cards, other offers may seem attractive but watch out for the small print regarding certain numbers.  Call charges will often increase after 6 months with contract SIMs and you are tied in.

Pay-As-You-Go  SIM cards are cheap to buy but you pay a higher call cost and need to keep it topped up with credit. With Telguard Telecom SIMs you don’t need to worry, you have on-going credit!

When the system is finally up and running the costs associated with keeping hard wired entry systems operational over their life span are high.  

If the labour cost of installation could be removed along with the cable that will need to be replaced at some point and also remove the static intercom handsets then surely the cost of door entry as a facility will be reduced.

Enter the world of Telguard. Our range of systems do just that – reduce installation costs, the need for cable all over the building and the cost of maintenance.

The door entry system on any multi user property has historically been a high cost item to install, maintain and quite often within 10 years – replace.

The cost of the equipment itself is minimal compared to the huge labour cost of running cables all over the building and entering every apartment to fit an intercom handset just inside the front door.

The disruption caused by the presence of a team of installation engineers for sometimes weeks added to the need for redecoration of the property is also an inconvenience.

Ever played ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’? Once the system has finally been installed then it needs to be commissioned. This is when further problems may arise due to a cable being damaged or a connection not being good, the fault then needs to be found.

What are the ongoing costs?

Intercom handsets, who needs them?

End User.